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mi e mi sombras – Page 3 – come away from the light…

mi e mi sombras

come away from the light…

patting myself on the back. again…

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the flesh is weak

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he watches over fools like me

I kept running out of the hall doing jumps and trying out the difficult parts. I kept reminding myself to just speak the song. No operatic sound. Just speak it.

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Repost: A Contemplation on Music

After one of my lessons last week, my teacher casually tossed me a facebook post printout.  In a very short while I was fighting back tears while reading it.  I suppose some parts of it rang too true inside me.  I’m reposting it here for whoever might find a ringing inside him or her while […]

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another delayed flight

Enrolment is next week. I still don’t have all of my papers. That’s why I’m freezing in another airport terminal waiting for a delayed flight to home and get all my records. I had thought that I tied up all loose ends last year when I left for Manila. Apparently, I hadn’t. I received a […]

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pines on the beach or in the event of loss

So you let yourself get dragged to new places. Make new memories. Make new friends. Reshape your heart. Kiss the sands of past beaches goodbye. Like a sailor doing the rites of departure on a new voyage. Sailing on a new heart. Never really being sure if you will land this way again. Knowing that great adventures along with great dangers lie ahead. And they are preferable to trying to hold on to places you want to remain the same and yet you know are sure to change.

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why the extended periods of silence?

several reasons. priorities. earning a living. trying to earn extra for next sem when you know what’s going to happen. and maybe a heightened need for privacy. of course, i can always choose what i want to say here but I get a nagging feeling that I’m cheating when I do that. hence the silence. […]

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the voice lab summer workshop ’09

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my first try at after effects

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What I did for you know what.

I’m learning css and I need a break. So many codes. Too many codes. So I’m going to talk about something tawdry. Like love. I probably have never had more offers to be in a relationship in my life than in the past few weeks. I’m sure I have never had more offers etc. I’d […]

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