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A Week without Facebook

I’ve done it!

It’s been a week since I deactivated my account. There really is a lot of time away from FB. I have finished more work than I have been able to accomplish in the past few months. I still browse every so often. It’s just easier to get tired browsing after a while because you mostly just get to browse stuff you really are interested in. Like if I saw a bee-eater on an electric pole on one of our walks. I’ll google bee-eaters. I’ll read up on it. Maybe look at some videos about it. Then that’s it. I won’t post on fb. Reply to comments. Be distracted by likes. And while checking comments and likes, I hit the FB home button and I see updates. Get distracted by these updates. Comment on them. Like them. Before I notice, the day is over and I spent it liking and commenting and reading what other people have posted.

I’m excited about a story I’m writing. I hope to submit it for printing or for competitions. I think it’s a pretty good story. I’ll keep working on it.

And I think I’ll be staying off FB for a little while longer.

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