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putting it all together (again)

my world has turned itself on its head again. things have changed. and how. dreams have been given up. some put to a temporary rest for awhile. relationships have been tested. several have soured. some have become bland. a few have become sweeter by it all for having weathered the reversals. this heart has been […]

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glue night

What I feel right now can be likened to a drink.  Three parts disappointment, two parts sheepish, five parts, pissed. And a dash of sweet lemons and sour grapes. I was to go on a date tonight with C.  Not that he knows it was going to be a date.  He probably thought it was […]

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finally. we can all breathe a sigh of relief. that seemingly catastrophic incident of a few days ago have reached some sort of resolution.  i still expect some noise from outside the borders but order appears to have been restored in my occupied territory. story to come later. i’m a little ragged around the edges.  […]

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last night, i asked ate bomb what could be wrong with my applications which are giving me error prompts even after several removals and installations and even after i bought several fresh installation cds. pirated of course. she told me that i might have unwittingly downloaded a big brother plug-in with my windows updates and […]

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so, i finally figured out how to upload a theme.

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