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Natural Deaths

The universe is dying. A study of galaxies has shown that new galaxies produce less energy than older galaxies. Around half of what the older galaxies used to produce. Older stars are fading faster than new ones are made. Everything is expanding. Drifting apart. These are scientific facts. As above, so below. Where it used […]

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The Nose Knows

So I let my mother drag me to an an aunt and uncle’s golden wedding anniversary. I picked a dress for her some days ago when we went to the city and my mother being quite the drama queen, cried when I offered to pay for it. Now you know where I got that from. […]

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Shipping Out, Sailing In.

Late last year, for those of you who have not been following my posts closely, I was in a musical. It was a tiny, precious gem of a musical. It explored the feelings of men who have fought valiantly and were thrown onto a shore, so near yet so far from home. Exiled for 3 […]

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Little Red Socks

I was having dinner at this Japanese fastfood restaurant when halfway through my meal, two young boys sat at the table behind me. The older one must have been 15, the younger one could have been 13 or thereabouts. They were talking about computer games while their parents were at the counter ordering for the […]

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Serendipity, signs, and signatures

So I haven’t been in a production for over a year. And every time friends ask me when I will be singing again it has started to feel awkward. I cannot say deadlines anymore because things have let up at work. There are the dogs but I don’t want them to be the reasons. I […]

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A Week without Facebook

I’ve done it! It’s been a week since I deactivated my account. There really is a lot of time away from FB. I have finished more work than I have been able to accomplish in the past few months. I still browse every so often. It’s just easier to get tired browsing after a while […]

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ringing old bells

Hello, old friend. I’m so sorry I haven’t written for some time. What happened? Life happened. Well, facebook happened. It whittles away at your time with so many little distractions that in the end you don’t come up with anything meaningful to show for your time. My cadence is off. My rhythm. I used to […]

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The Physics of a Broken Heart

It is Damp. And he tries to make out what is written in that wet notebook. The ink is smudged, the lines too, the edges torn. But he can’t. So he closes his eyes and remembers. There’s nothing original about that walk in the rain. Water seeks its level. Tears, rain, beer. They’ll mix where […]

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putting it all together (again)

my world has turned itself on its head again. things have changed. and how. dreams have been given up. some put to a temporary rest for awhile. relationships have been tested. several have soured. some have become bland. a few have become sweeter by it all for having weathered the reversals. this heart has been […]

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for sheer lack of luck

originally posted on fb on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 3:31am People have complained about this and they probably will for as long as there are people. You meet someone you like. Someone you are so excited about. Someone you think you could love. Someone you know you could love. Yey for you. Then you […]

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